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Trackman by Catriona Child

Trackman Trackman Trackman Trackman Trackman Trackman

Davie was about to leave the MP3 player lying on the pavement when something stopped him. A voice in his head. You’ll regret it if you leave it. You’ll only come back for it later.

In Catriona Child’s powerful debut novel, Davie Watts is the Trackman. 

When a homeless man gifts Davie with an old MP3 player, he has no idea what to do with it. After all, it  is rusted, cracked and doesn’t even have any buttons!

But all that changes with two little words

Welcome Trackman

Somehow, the device knows what song to play to you and exactly when you need to hear it.
It is up to Davie to seek out strangers in need and help them using the power of music.

But can a song really change a life?
Can a song bring people, places and moments in time alive again?

Both humorous and poignant, Catriona Child weaves magic and healing into contemporary Edinburgh through one man and his unusual MP3 player.

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Catriona on the Scots Whay Hae Podcast

Catriona appeared on the Scots Whay Hae Podcast, thanks to the guys for allowing us to upload here. Click the link here to: Visit the Scots Whay Hae Blog and Podcast.


‘In her debut novel, Catriona Child has all the makings of a cult hit. While it’s mostly told in Davie’s voice, frequent intrusions from an omniscient narrator ramp up the sense of dread as we discover more and more about his past. She handles the tension between the fantastical premise and the raw and sensitive matter of a dead schoolboy tastefully, and the book’s sense of place makes it a delight for lovers of Edinburgh.’  ALASTAIR MABBOTT, THE HERALD

‘This tale of loss and isolation is a powerful piece of contemporary Scottish literature that expertly blends the fantastical subject matter with a profound look at the destructive effects of bereavement.’  ROWENA McINTOSH, THE SKINNY

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